Maltese Cross Engraved Whiskey Set

$115.00 USD

Our Firefighter Maltese Cross engraved whiskey decanter gift box set is sure to impress. Its perfect for celebrating a Fire Chief retirement, Fire Academy graduation, Recognition award or just to say Thank You for your service. 

PERSONALIZED, SLEEK & STYLISH: The 26 oz glass decanter is engraved with the iconic Fire Maltese Cross and personalized with the name and department. The flames wrapped heavy base Whiskey glasses compliment the decanter. 

QUALITY THAT LASTS: Each glass is expertly sand carved by hand to create a deep, precise engraving that guarantees a beautiful frosted finish for the lifetime of the glass. This method ensures a permanent, fade-resistant impressive design. Better yet this glassware is dishwasher safe!

COMMITTED TO THE ENVIRONMENT: Our commitment to the environment is at the core of our engraving process. We opted for the sustainable method of sand blasting not only for its exceptional finished result but also because it allows us to reclaim and reuse the sand, with a chemical-free approach. Alter'd Industries takes pride in choosing environmentally conscious practices that align with our values and contribute to a better future for all.